Hi my name is Lani Visconti. I am the new Owner of Copper Gaskets Unlimited as of August 2004.

Copper Gaskets Unlimited has been around since 1987 and has changed hands once during this period. I had worked for Copper Gaskets Unlimited 4 years when the previous owner put the business up for sale. I jumped at the opportunity this brought for me as well as the chance to continue the business so I purchased it.

We manufacture solid Copper and Aluminum shims using computerized precision. Our Company endeavors to supply a readily available, competitively priced, Top Quality product. We process these custom gaskets to each Customer's specifications, whether the need be Standard or Modified.

Modifications can include bore, stud, dowel, water-jacket or cam galley variations to increase or decrease compression or to make up for head resurfacing. We offer standard as well as custom thicknesses.

PLEASE REMEMBER each gasket is milled to the customer's EXACT specifications. Please be certain of any modifications you request.

All sales are final!
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