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CGU is a custom gasket manufacture as well as stock applications.

We specialize in Head, Base, Exhaust, Turbo Flanges. 

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About Us


 We manufacture solid Copper and Aluminum shims using computerized precision. Our Company endeavors to supply a readily available, competitively priced, Top Quality product. We process these custom gaskets to each Customer's specifications, whether the need be Standard or Modified. 


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Copper  Gaskets Unlimited is a custom gasket manufacture for high performance  engines as well as stock applications.  

 All copper gaskets are CNC milled from solid copper sheet.  

Copper gaskets can be reused if not damaged.

 Please  be sure my gaskets will work for your application not all gaskets are stock bore or thickness.  

Made in USA .

Copper thicknesses we offer are:

.016" .021" .026" .032" .042" .050" .063" .080" .093" .125"

We also cut aluminum.

If you cant find what you are looking for or you need a gasket modified please message me.

I can alter bores and thicknesses of most of the gaskets I offer. 

Pricing may change for thicker copper.

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I am adding product that I manufacture on a daily basis.

If you do not see what you are looking for please ask if I make it if  I do I will add it to my shopping cart. 

I have patterns for Vintage Motorcycles, Cars, Watercraft, Snowmobile and Tractors.

Head, Base and exhaust is what I specialize in.

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Copper Gaskets Unlimited

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